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The Guy Behind the Music

Blaise Guld is an American singer/songwriter based in San Diego, California. 

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he has been singing since he was a toddler. At age fourteen, he taught himself how to play the acoustic guitar, and before long, he was playing backyard shows for friends and family. His real passion, he found, is in songwriting, where he could express himself creatively. After playing in some bands, starring in some local theater productions, and attempting to write a rock musical (all with varied success), Blaise decided it was time for a new adventure. 


He moved to California at the age of 23 and soon thereafter started the band Mad Traffic with David Torr, Brian Fleck, Chris Murray, and Blaise Garza. They rocked up and down the coast of California and all the way to Austin, Texas. With stage experience from all the shows, Blaise began performing solo and honing his acoustic performance skills. Before he knew it, he was releasing his first solo LP called Past Forward, which was nominated for Best Pop Album at the 2014 San Diego Music Awards. Sadly, Mad Traffic ran out of steam and disbanded, but this allowed him to continue writing and performing with many local artists and around the globe. He's had the pleasure of entertaining audiences with his music in many countries: Canada, the UK, Iceland, Norway, Amsterdam, Italy, Argentina, Australia, and even Antarctica!

Brian Rumsey came into the picture circa 2013 and worked with Blaise on Past Forward and another release, Mr. Impossible, which took a more electronic direction while still keeping Blaise's soulful vocals and melodic instincts. 

Taken from many influences including David Bowie, Prince, Towns Van Zandt, Tom Waits, The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, etc., Blaise's sound has many colors and shapes and continues to evolve over the years.

Most recently, Blaise and Rumsey have joined brains again to create a fusion of their unique philosophies of music. A synth-wave, dark and soulful, feel-good EP that makes you want to dance...self-titled Blaise Guld + Night Viber.  

Blaise’s music is available for download on a variety of digital music platforms:  Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Xbox Music, Shazam, and many others worldwide! Just search “Blaise Guld” to find discography available for streaming/purchase or you can purchase songs directly from this website in the Music section.  Just find the track/album you want and click Get Track/Get Album.  

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