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Scroll down and download your digital copy of my second LP ever, Catastrophiliac, released August 31st, 2022. Also available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube,etc...


Here, tracks are only 1 USD and all proceeds go directly to Blaise. Just find the track/album you want and click Get Track/Get Album, it will then take you to the payment and download options screen. You can also just listen to songs and see the lyrics here for free by first clicking on a song, then clicking the small, quarter note symbol on the side of the player. Enjoy! - 

Blaise’s music is available for download on a variety of digital music platforms:  Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Xbox Music, Shazam, and many others worldwide! Just search “Blaise Guld” to find discography available for streaming/purchase or you can purchase songs directly from this website in the forms below.

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